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Curricular competence

This degree seeks to prepare professionals oriented to work in different levels of the state and civil society, and in the academic research in Public Management, who distinguish by their academic, humanistic and social formation, their sound theoretical-methodological preparation used to comprehend and analyze the complexity of the political-administrative phenomena as well as propose solutions to the social, organizational and institutional problems.



CIEES Quality recognition

No (Not evaluable educational program).

COPAES Quality recognition

No (Not evaluable educational program).

Collegiate Organ Approval Date

December 4, 2015.

Start of operations

January-June 2016.

Enrollment period


Admission process

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Enrollment profile

Description of knowledge

Is desirable for the applicant to have:

  • General knowledge in Social Sciences
  • General knowledge of the Mexican social and politic reality

Description of skills

  • Capability of logical and analytical reasoning of the social historical processes.
  • Capability to work in teams.
  • Skills for reading and oral expression.

Description of attitudes

  • Interest to understand the political-administrative processes and address problems related with the management of the State.
  • Interest for reading and writing.
  • Sensitivity for the detection and solution of social problems.
  • Openness to dialogue and discussion.
  • Respect to the diversity of beliefs, values and ideas


  • Commitment with the knowledge and scientific work and social solidarity and empathy.
Graduate requirements

Graduate administrative requirements

For the effects of this proposal these requirements are:

  • General certificate of studies, which will be possible to request if the student has covered or accredited the established number of credits in the program.
  • Three black and white oval shaped photos (degree size).
  • Letter of Professional Social Service.
  • No-debt letter from treasury.
  • No-debt letter from the General Direction of Libraries of UG.

Total number of credits of the Educational Program: 228 credits, from which 224 correspond to the 32 subjects of the educational program and the other 4 correspond to complimentary activities that must be completed by the student as part of their comprehensive formation.

  • First enrollment
  • Oral and written communication
  • Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Theoretic paradigms in Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Theory of the Public Management I
  • Second enrollment
  • Philosophical-Epistemological Fundaments
  • Social problems and Contemporary debates
  • Political Theory I
  • Theory of Public Management II
  • Third enrollment
  • Contemporary debates and ethics and Human Rights
  • Political Theory II
  • Mexican Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Introduction to Public Policies
  • Fourth enrollment
  • Contemporary History of Mexico and Latin America
  • Compared politics
  • Political System in Mexico
  • International Political Economy
  • Quantitative analysis of the Social Research
  • Fifth enrollment
  • Information tools and management
  • International Relations
  • Federalism and Local government
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Sixth enrollment
  • Strategic planning and Social project management
  • Mandatory Terminal Option
  • Mandatory Terminal Option
  • Optative
  • Second enrollment
  • Research Seminar I
  • Intervention Research Seminar I
  • Selective Terminal Option
  • Eighth enrollment
  • Selective
  • Optative
  • Optional or Selective Subjects
  • Advanced statistics for Political Analysis
  • Massive media and Political debate
  • Political marketing
  • Parliamentary Law and Legislative Power
Offered in:

Campus León, Division of Social Sciences and Humanities (DCSH)
Venue San Carlos
Blvd. Puente Milenio #1001; Fracción del Predio San Carlos; C.P. 37670; León, Gto.
Phone: (477) 267 49 00
Campus website:



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