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This program is in charge of arranging and follow up the programs of PROMEP (Program of Professor Improvement) scholarships where their main objective is that degree professors from ascribed universities to PROMEP can obtain the minimum grade, Special programs for postgraduates, CONACYT programs with support to repatriate and retain in Mexico the Mexican researchers, the program of level II excellence heritage professorships; as well as supports for the formation of human resources.


Advise professors about the formation programs and permanent improvement from PROMEP and CONACYT, as well as to participate in the negotiations with the corresponding instances so professors make their formation within the excellence programs in their disciplinary area.

Operating rules and PROMEP indicators

PROMEP Scholarships

The main objective is that degree professors from ascribed universities to PROMEP, can obtain the minimum degree (Masters) or preferably (Ph.D.) with the purpose to enable them for full development of their substantial functions.

PROMEP Supports

Ensure all professors that have the desirable profile have the individual work elements to develop efficiently in their academic career.

Summons issued by SEP-SESIC:

The main objective of these summons is to substantially improve the formation, dedication and performance of the academic bodies from the universities as a mean to increase the quality of Higher education.

For more information and content of the summons, please visit the page:

  • Support for integration of Academic Bodies.

    To perform its functions to the fullest, full-time professors must integrate in academic bodies with common knowledge generation and application lines, with the purpose to propitiate the integration of the academic bodies of full-time professors that require to better define those lines that need to be promoted in their institutions.

  • Support for the Conformation of Academic Bodies Networks.

    To perform its functions to the fullest, the consolidated academic bodies must participate in knowledge networks, national and international networks, with other high level academic bodies and with it promote the integration of the higher education system in the country.

  • Post-doctoral scholarships in Consolidated Academic Bodies.

    The consolidated academic bodies provide the livelihood of the institutional academic functions and contribute in integrating the Higher Education system of the country through their participation in knowledge networks.

  • Recognition of Professors with Desirable Profile.

    As part of the action oriented to achieve the mentioned objective, the universities have created plans for the development of Academic bodies, constituted by full-time professors, in which they establish goals and the objectives to reach in 2006 regarding the educative programs and the knowledge generation and application lines. IN consecution of these goals and objectives, the full-time professors who have the appropriate profile have a fundamental role.

  • Support for professors with Desirable Profile.

    Full-time professors who have the desirable profile have an important role in the conformation and consolidation of the Academic Bodies, which sustain the educative programs and the knowledge generation and application lines. Therefore, SESIC grants the recognition to the professors that have such profile and supports the institutions so they have the basic work implements to develop their academic careers.

  • Support for the Incorporation of New Full-time Professors.

    Integrate full-time professors in well consolidated academic bodies and with it sustain the formation of great quality, responsible and competitive professionals.

  • Informative base of the Dependencies of Higher Education and Registry of Academic bodies.

    Elaborate institutional strategic plans that allow to focus the support policies and optimize the results. Given that the development plans of the academic bodies are part of the institutional strategic plan and it is necessary to review and update such plans, SEP, through SESIC summons all participant universities in PROMEP/SESIC to present to registry the information on Higher education dependencies, their educative programs, professors and Academic bodies.

  • Support for the reincorporation of ex-scholarship holders to PROMEP

    SESIC has granted within the PROMEP framework, scholarship to full-time professors to acquire the desirable enabling necessary for the good performance of their academic functions. With the purpose that these professors when thy graduate and reincorporate to their institution, have the basic work conditions that ease their reincorporation and provide the permanence in the institution, as well as a more efficient fulfillment of their functions.

  • Support for the connection of institutions to internet for full-time professors with desirable profile.

    To contribute achieving the resolutions pointed by SESIC, it has supported full-time professors so they have the necessary work elements in their academic career and strengthen the permanence of the academic bodies in the institution. With the purpose to give full-time professors with desirable profile access to information sources in the network from their work place.

High Quality Programs acknowledged by PROMEP

National Postgraduate Programs of High Quality CONACYT

High Quality Postgraduate programs Abroad

Postgraduate special programs:

Ease to degree professors the conclusion of their postgraduate studies, avoiding the professors’ displacement from the ascribed university for the length of the studies, requiring only a reduced stay where the courses are taught without affecting the quality of the degree to obtain.

Program of Human Resources formation:

Provide to the professors that do not cover the PROMEP requirements, a complimentary economic aid to make the postgraduate studies or obtain the corresponding degree.

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