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The Technological High School Program with International Profile (BTPI), is a flexible educative program designed under the competency profile to comprehend the national and international environment in which the student can select the learning units from the propaedeutic areas between two exits: Mechatronics or Science of the Materials. These generate a greater number of options after the conclusion of the program because the student can continue with higher studies (college higher technician or bachelor) or well, integrate as a technician from the job market.

To develop the international profile in the BTPI, during the complete educative program, they perform activities such as academic exchanges, semiannual stays in national and international institutions, learning foreign languages, intercultural fairs, observation visits or familiarization to transnational businesses among others.


The BTPI has the purpose to form technicians from High school with high sense of social responsibility, specialized in the areas of Mechatronics or Science of the Materials with an international perspective, capable of continuing their bachelor degrees in both specializations, as well as inserting in the job market of the businesses that demand a more trained profile.


The BTPI’s modality is schooled, is taken in semiannual periods and has a credit system.

Enrollment profile

The applicant for the BTPI has the following characteristics:

  • Basic knowledge in the areas of Spanish, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Skill to understand and solve situations that require the exercise of abstract reasoning.
  • Basic domain of English.
Graduate profile

The graduate from BTPI:

  • Proposes solutions to the productive and service processes through control tools for the automation that provides logistic advantages in the operations and reduction of times and movements.
  • Participates in research projects that correspond to their discipline developed by professors from the University of Guanajuato or other private or public institutions, in the social or productive sector, allowing developing technological innovation and broadening the possibilities for an insertion in the following educative level.
  • Handles the measurement systems for different types of materials that contribute the assurance of quality of the productive processes in a trusted form.
  • Domain of a second language.
  • Engaged with the sustainable development, creative, entrepreneur and humane calling.

The specific competencies each area contributes are:

Mechatronics area

  • Operates and programs manual or automated machinery that allow productive, agile and trusted processes.

Science of the materials area:

  • Appropriately handles chemical substances to participate in the industry processes.
  • Adequately operates the equipment and involves analytic instruments in the chemical industry that contribute in the quality of the production.


Job field

BTPI graduates have competencies in diverse technological areas to incorporate as technicians in the productive sectors, mainly in the automotive, metal-mechanic and plastic industry that are the main economic agents in the state of Guanajuato.

Student mobility

The BTPI possesses a curricular structure that eases the student mobility among schools, contributes the interdisciplinary formation of the student, and encourages the interaction between students from different educative programs from the University of Guanajuato and other national and international institutions like the National Colleges of Technology from Nagaoka and Oyama in Japan, with whom there is a collaboration agreement.

Enrollment requirements
  • Accredit the EXANI I.
  • Academic career
  • Junior High School certificate
  • Record of registry issued by the Health Unit from the school.
  • Record of behavior
  • Fill and delivery of the corresponding forms.
Graduate requirements
  • Have coursed and passed completely the 136 credits from the study plan.
  • Demonstrate the competence of the English language level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) through a certificate issued by an official instance.
  • Complete the professional social service to obtain the recognition of studies of Mechatronic Technician or Technician in Science of Materials, and perform through the established modalities for every academy of the high school, any of the options marked in the Article 62 from the Academic Statute.
Study plan

Four stages compose the study plan for the BTPI:

1. General Area (12 credits)
Comprehends experiences and activities for personal development, creativity and entrepreneur spirit, social responsibility and cultural and intercultural formation, to choose between the options published by the High School College and the System of Reinforcing for the Comprehensive formation.

2. Basic area (92 credits)
Mandatory learning units compose this area.

3. Propaedeutic area (21 credits)
Covers all the contents for the specialization areas

4. Complimentary area (11 credits)
Possesses academic and scientific contents that the student can select to complement his formation, for example assisting a forum of research experiences, assisting technical formation workshops, participating in internationalization activities, contests, Olympics, etc.



  • First Enrollment– Basic area
  • Handling of operating systems and electronic and digital documents
  • Algebra I
  • Chemistry I
  • Cinematics, dynamics, and work-energy
  • Learning and time management workshop
  • Artistic or sport activities
  • College social service and identity
  • Tutoring
  • Second Enrollment - Basic area
  • Analysis and data processing
  • Japanese I
  • Algebra II
  • Chemistry II
  • Fluids and thermodynamics
  • Current world topics
  • Citizen formation
  • Educative orientation
  • College social service
  • Third Enrollment – Basic Area
  • Basic principles of information systems
  • Japanese II
  • Reading and writing workshop
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Chemistry III
  • Static, elasticity and electricity
  • Organisms and environment
  • College social service
Fourth enrollment
  • Basic area
  • Japanese III
  • Analytic geometry
  • Chemistry IV
  • Magnetism, waves and optics
  • Human biology
  • College social service
  • Propaedeutic area
Science of materials:
  • Sciences of materials I
  • Analytic chemistry
  • Introduction to manufacture
  • Machinery elements
Fifth Enrollment
  • Basic area
  • Simulation and modeling by computer
  • Japanese IV
  • Differential calculus
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • College social service
  • Propaedeutic area
Science of materials:
  • Laboratory of Mechanics
  • Science of materials II
  • Experiments in engineering of materials I
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Mechatronics elements
Sixth enrollment
  • Basic Area
  • Japanese V
  • Literature
  • Integral calculus.
  • College social service
  • Propaedeutic area
Science of materials:
  • Laboratory of instrumental analysis
  • Experiments in engineering from the materials II
  • Operation of mechatronic systems
  • Modeling and machining of prototypes
Offered in:

High School Guanajuato
Address: Alameda s/n.; Downtown; 36000. Guanajuato, Gto.
Phone/Fax: (473) 734 13 24, 734 13 25 y 734 13 28

High School Salamanca
Address: Prolongación Tampico #904; 36730; Salamanca, Gto.
Phone/Fax: +52(464) 647 24 94 & 648 09 40




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