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Our Mission

The University of Guanajuato's constitutional law, in the Articles 3 & 4, expresses the Institute's nature and mission marking it as an autonomous public organism so it has the faculty and responsibility to govern itself. The purposes are to educate, research and spread the culture; determine the plans & programs as well as to set the admission terms, promotion and personnel permanency and manage their assets.

Mission states that::

In the Univeristy, in a free idea exchange environment, the truth search and integral formation of people will be sought to construct a free, fair, democratic, equitable, with human and social conscience society. Therein shall govern the principles of academic freedom, free research and social commitment and the critic, plural and participative spirit shall prevail.


As the same as in the society it is immersed, the University is in a constant metamorphosis. Wherein the person's integral formation and permanent truth search constitute the ideals by which it toils and towards those that will organize and orient their resources.

Established values derived from our mission:
  • Truth
  • Freedom
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Justice

Guiding Principles

Also derived from our mission, and as a third Institution's Philosophy important element. The guiding principles that emerge from the university work are freedom, free research, social commitment, and the critic, plural, creative and participative spirit promotion.

Added to them, is the principle of quality which reflects in all activities the institute performs through services and process efficiency in the assessment and continuous improvement context.

Our Vision and its 15 attributes

The desirable scenario to achieve

In the year of 2020, the University of Guanajuato is recognized for international academic community as one of the 100 best institutions in the world. Meaning the University in that year has to characterize by a set of attributes equally relevant that are stated as follows:

Each one of the campuses and ten high schools is renowned for contributing the sustainable development and socially responsible management of its educational and administrative processes. Each campus has a clear academic identity and largely contributes to the regional development.

  1. Be a high-school and university public education institute that permanently self-studies and assesses and submits to national and international external appraisal processes. Implements in its womb strategic planning processes that favor (with the community's active participation) the addition of creative and innovative initiatives in management and academy and permanently compares its performance with those of the world renowned institutions. The community members practice the values and work as a team around an academic and social project to achieve the institutional vision.
  2. Become and institution with a high degree of porosity that favors active social contribution in the academic & relevant social projects development that are carried out in collaboration with state, regional, national, and international external actors.
  3. Participate actively in collaboration alliances & networks with national and international educational and research institutes, and productive & social entities that allow to enrich its programs and projects permanently.
  4. Count with an organic-matrix multicampus consolidated structure in which each of its governing bodies possesses a proven capacity for decision-making, strategic planning, rigorous self-assessment and initiative design with programs that aid the fulfillment of Institutional mission and achievement of the 2020 UG's vision.
  5. Maintain an intense collaboration among divisions, departments and academic bodies, campuses and high school colleges. This interaction allows the University to expand and enhance permanently its capabilities in the formation, production and application processes for knowledge and attend relevant social-economic issues in Guanajuato, country and global sustainable growth. There are high-impact social cross-academic programs that use articulately and efficiently the institutional capacities.
  6. Have a national and international renowned High-School Education system because of the student's solid integral formation, quality and social relevance of its educational programs. For its active and distinguished collaboration to the High-school National System development and commitment to social sustainable development and dynamic, flexible and congruent with the institutional mission organization. The system schools work coherently and articulately among them in common goals and are located strategically in zones to respond with equity the demand for these studies. The college, as equally as the schools that compose t, maintains an intense collaboration with the best institutions in the world and country.
  7. Be widely acknowledged nationally and internationally as a scientific and technologic innovation and formation pole due to its relevant contributions to the advance of the knowledge and social-economic development application to the country and state, and its leadership in high-school and superior education in Guanajuato.
  8. The presence of visiting professors and foreign students that participate in the campus' academic programs. A frequent practice as a result of the institutional academic exchange & student mobility programs efficiency, therefore, the use of foreign languages, particularly English, is a distinctive feature on campus.
  9. Possess an educational model focused on student learning, supported on a flexible curriculum that favors students to take advantage of the academic offer from the Institution for the formation and strengthening of their calling. Likewise, the complimentary study in national and international institutions. The model is plural, open to different pedagogy postures in such way that the University of Guanajuato innovates in the educative paradigms and generates new ideas.

    The high-school and college programs work under international standards according to the advance in knowledge, social needs of the labor worlds of the knowledge society. Bodies and organisms in assessment and accreditation widely acknowledge the good quality of the education in Mexico.

    In high-school education, there are bilingual educational programs that favor the performance of the graduates in globalized contexts. There are also multi, inter and transdisciplinary educational programs that are taught in collaboration among the campuses.

    The educational model includes generic and specific competencies, incorporates the interdisciplinarity, interculturally and international dimension approaches, the intensive use of communication and information technologies. A management scheme that assures the continuous improvement and quality strengthening which favors timely incorporation and systematic good practice, educative innovations and research contributions in Avant-garde education. According to the natural features of the university, the programs will abide a formation that comprehends and includes open to pedagogy theories approaches, didactic models, and research methods that construct, encourage and socialize knowledge to consolidate the Institutions Educative model.

    The high-school graduates are appreciated for their humanistic formation, creativity, leadership, initiative, honesty, ethic & solidary commitment to a sustainable global development. For their work attitude and collaboration, critic and entrepreneurial spirit, and because its solid competencies in written and oral communication in their native and second language. For their adaptability to learn new information, plan, assume responsibilities and autonomous decision-making, problem-solving, formulating and developing projects, team and under pressure work.
  10. Serve with equity, relevance, quality and efficiency college and high-school students through a diverse educational offer given under assisting and non-assisting modalities. Of the total students, at least 10% makes their studies in non-scholar programs modalities.

    The total enrollment of college level distributes as follows: 22.5% Campus Celaya-Salvatierra, 22.5% Campus Irapuato-Salamanca, 30% Campus Guanajuato and 25% Campus Leon.
  11. Count with a schooled & non-schooled educational offer that timely responds with relevance to social needs and active professionals update & adult education in environments that influence significantly in the townsfolk life quality & entity sustainable social development at the same time contributing the student formation.
  12. Have the most ambitious and transcendent cultural & artistic project in the state with national and international impact. The sports, cultural & artistic activities support the student's integral formation and permanently seek to satisfy the needs of the college community, the influent zone from each campus, high-schools and Guanajuato's society
  13. Possess a career and part-time teaching staff in the right proportions according to the enrollment and educational nature. All the professors are up-to-date in the University's educational model. Stimulate the questioning and the answer search ability in the student, orient and support them in academic projects and contribute in their behavior so they acquire values for their welfare as individuals, citizens and professionals.

    Professors take an active part in college life, design and plan updating of study programs, in a rigorous professional formation, scientists, technologist, humanists and artists. In the elaboration of didactic materials, formation support programs, permanence and timely completion of the students and development projects from high-schools and campuses.

    High-school professors have a master degree, and organize in academic areas in which the educational programs are permanently analyzed, and initiatives formulate that contribute the strengthening and continuous improvement of the University's High-School College functions.

    College full-time professors have a doctorate. A congruent formation with their disciplinary environment and an according profile with the most rigorous international standards. They organize in consolidated academic bodies that develop knowledge generation & appliance lines with a strong multi & interdisciplinary orientation and great social impact. Take an active part in national & international collaboration networks. They also take part in relevant research projects for the state of Guanajuato and the country in which they sum all the institutional capacities in a cross-form and participate in the social and productive sectors.

    The academic production of the associate professors in academic bodies is widely renowned both nationally and internationally because of the significant contribution on knowledge and innovation, as well as the relevant input in social interest problems.

    Part-time professors possess at least a graduate degree and wide experience in the study field the promote.
  14. Have the necessary equipment and infrastructure to support teaching in educational programs and development of academic activities from high-school, campus, academic entities, students and administrative activities.

    The physical plant of each of the campuses is fully concluded and functional for the academic requirements. Allows to sustain the correct function of the matrix model, and are physically integrated with their divisions and departments.
  15. Possess a management systems that ensures quality when completing the University's functions and the timely accountability to society and efficient and flexible institutional management that answers in time the University's academic project demands.

    Its is important to point that the University of Guanajuato acknowledges the existence of criteria that classify & qualify the universities in the world and that this change through time. In the year 2020, it will be ready to be recognized for its teaching staff, infrastructure, academic produce, and educational environment and systems and will take the effort of the whole University's community.

    It is necessary to point out that all attributes are equally important and to make the UG's 2020 vision a reality, an essential requirement is that each one of them completes through coherent and articulated actions. Therefore, it is essential to formulate the policies, strategies and institutional programs with precision that will encourage that purpose; an aspect treated in the next sections



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