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It is the responsible to elaborate, with the participation of the directions of Teaching, Student Development, Academic Support and VEN, the program for Continuous Education and Update must establish the necessary mechanisms so professors can access these program and create a catalogue of update courses to offer and show to the academic community, as well as to follow to the Higher education dependencies (DES for its acronym in Spanish) on the fulfillment of their development plan. Takes part in reviewing the syllabuses (turned by Planning) concerning the formation of professor that participate in the development of the same.


Design, develop and evaluate in coordination with other support directions for the program of Continuous Education and Update for professors, as well as to provide the mechanisms that allow the professors to know and take part in these programs, verify the fulfillment of the development plans of the Academic Units.

Higher Education Dependencies (DES)

Acknowledging the fundamental role professors have in teaching and their current situation in higher education institutions (IES), the general objective of the Program for Professor Improvement (PROMEP for its acronym in Spanish) focus on strengthening he Academic Bodies (CA) from the Higher education dependencies.

General Objective:

Substantially improve the formation, dedication and performance of the Academic bodies from IES as a mean to increase the quality of the Higher Education.

Specific objectives:
  1. Consolidate academic bodies from IES with the proper profiles that hold great responsibility, quality and competiveness in the formation of professionals in all types and levels of Higher education.
  2. Have a differentiated set of dependencies from IES that answer to the needs of formation from different types of professionals that society requires.
  3. Achieve that the IES have proper regulations for the academic career and the formation of professors to reach an efficient institutional management and have the proper infrastructure, all necessary to provide permanence and good performance of the academic bodies.
  4. Develop the necessary legal frameworks that ease and support the efforts from SEP and IES in improving the Higher education.

For the mentioned above, these are the specific actions in each one of the DES:

  • Consolidation of the Academic bodies
  • Desirable differentiation of the DES
  • Improvement of the internal norms, management and infrastructure
  • Adequacy of Higher education



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