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According to the Heraldry, the University of Guanjuato’s Emblem can be described as a Commnunity Emblem.
Cross quartered with azure fields:
1st. With two natural frogs,
2nd. With a natural hive,
3rd. A natural honeycomb,
4th. Three natural bees.

A stick golden torch, gold, gold bordure with the University of Guanajuato’s name in sable lettering and silver badge with sable lettering.

Heraldry gives a symbolic sense to colors, pieces and metals, so considering those science guidelines, the elements that compose the emblem mean the following:

  • The blue azure (blue, represented in Heraldry, with horizontal lines), symbolizes among gemstones, the sapphire, symbol of majesty, beauty, serenity and justice.
  • Gold (represented with two regularly scattered dots) symbolizes wealth, strength, faith, constancy, the fact of being in the emblem, forces to do good on the poor and serve by cultivating fine lyrics.
  • Silver (represented leaving the field completely blank) symbolizes purity & whiteness
  • Regarding the pieces that carry the emblem, the frogs allude to the historical name “City of Quanaxhuato” – Frog hill..
  • The bees, honeycomb, and hive in Heraldry symbolize the intense and joint work, alluding in this case to the legend, to which when “Doña Josefa de Busto y Moya” granted her own house for the erection of the “Colegio de la Purisima” and when she moved, she broought along a hive that had always been in her house, at death the bees returned to the previous house, by then already a school.
  • The color sabre-black symbolizes science and modesty.
  • The “stick” torch symbolizes the spear of the knights, the light of the truth
  • The bordure represents the knight’s coat of mail. The device placed in the Chief’s top part carries the University’s motto."La verdad os hará libres"



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