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Interested in research or a postgraduate?

The University of Guanajuato takes the country's 2nd place in research among the state universities and has 75 postgraduate programs and 168 research lines. If your interest is to plan your future into a particular major, research or academic activities, the following program can be useful.

The researcher is a development, knowledge and innovation generation motor in the regional, national & international environments. His works allow solving social, political and economic problems including health, nourishment, technological development, environment, education, public policies design and wealth generation among others. Today, more than ever, the researcher work in bond with business activity to satisfy the growing social needs.

The main functions are teaching, research projects elaboration, resource attraction, result publishing and national/international forum & congress exhibitions. Researchers integrate with collaboration networks for knowledge transfer and are change agents.

Career Plan
  • Average

    Maintain a GPA of 9 or higher will make access to postgraduate programs and activities in research easier. We strongly recommend that you work from the beginning of your studies, so your GPA does not become a constraint in your career and future activities. Most selection processes you will face, obtaining a scholarship or any support, they consider GPA as one the main selection criteria.

  • Languages

    From the beginning of the bachelor, you have to perfect at least one language extra of your native one. It will open the door for opportunity in exchange of one semester or more and international residence during the summer. Besides, languages increase the possibilities to obtain an important position in the labor market and access for international scholarships. If you have an interest in living and study abroad, studying the official language of those places could be the first step.

  • Research Summers

    A first approach to research work is taking part in research summers. Here you will work directly as a researcher in specific projects, which will allow to know first-hand the basic activities of a researcher. You can take part in research summers one you complete 50% of your educational program. There are different summer modalities that will provide different experiences including summers inside the companies. We have six summers. Three from UG (students, teachers & businesses), Mexican Science Academy, Central Region Science Summer & Dolphin Summer..

  • Who to work with?

    When you decide on a research line or project or area you wish to work in, you have to consider your professor development, specialty level, National Research System (SNI) participation, national/international collaboration networks and publishing in official magazines. The curriculum of who will become your tutor can open many doors for your future development in Mexico and abroad.

    If your interest is to incur in the industrial sector, your professors may become the best link.

  • Program Quality

    In Mexico, is the CONACYT (National Science & Technology Council) that dictates the postgraduate program quality. High-quality programs are part of the Quality Postgraduates National Program (PNPC). This program allows students from renowned PNPC postgraduates to receive a maintenance scholarship.

    Additionally, CONACYT also recognizes programs with international competence, which will allow to achieve a research profile worldly competititve.

  • Other research and science activities

    If your interest is to take part in other science and research activities, each year the contest "Leamos la ciencia para todos" (Let's read science for everyone) is created by the Economical Cultural Fund. For now, the call is canceled, but you will be notified of the following opening date.

    The 19th National Science & Technology Week will occur, and the promotion process will begin for students and the general public. The event is organized by CONACYT and led in the state by CONCYTEG.

    The University of Guanajuato also has a Natural History Museum "Alfredo Dugés" open all year long. We invite you to visit and offer a courtesy pass. Just write down your NUA and the program you enrolled and show your enrollment sheet.

If you require addiotional information; visiti our, go to your campus research coordinator, or directly to the Research & Postgraduate support direction in, Calzada de Guadalupe w/n, in the city of Guanajuato. Call us at: 01473 732 00 06 extensions 5001, 5002, 5003, 5004, 5007 & 5039.

The University of Guanajuato also has a Natural History Museum “Alfredo Dugés” open all year long.



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