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  • Scholar Accidents Medical Insurance

    A service for the students that consist on receiving medical attention. From a medical treatment to a surgery, hospitalization or use of infirmary and medical services. It means when a student suffers an accident by doing any teaching, research or extension activity, the cost of the maximum cost assured will be refund.

  • “Safe Home” Program

    A program carried out in collaboration with state & municipal civil protection directed for students in Campus Guanajuato who live in the city of Guanajuato. It has the purpose to prevent & detect through courtesy visits, material risks at home, to reduce the chance of suffering any risk or accident that endangers the goods and physical integrity.

  • Mass Events Support

    Consists in managing and coordinate the security, prevention and medical services offered through state & municipal authorities with the purpose to prepare in case of an incident during the realization of the events organized by the University of Guanajuato.

  • Road Safety Pilots Program

    The program is an initiative that sums the federal government efforts through the Health department, the International Automovilistic Federation (FIA) Mexico, TELMEX racing team, Mexican Red Cross and other public and private institutions. It has the purpose to create a road culture that contributes on saving more than sixty-thousand lives in Mexico for the rest of the decade.

Self-protection Manual

Compilation of measures and recommendations destined to diminish risks that students are exposed to in the University of Guanajuato, and it's distributed among the student community.

Check the manual here

Safe Vacation

It consists on making conscience in the student community about the most common risks that are present in the different vacation seasons through a brochure with preventive measures and safety recommendations.

Sustainable Physical Health Profile
  • Seeks that the student knows and values their physical health as well as the need for physical activities.
  • Provides attention & personalized follow-up of students who have been detected with risk in their physical health.



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