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Form excellence professionals capable of acting in multidisciplinary teams. Highly-qualified in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation assessing and promoting the potential movement using knowledge and unique abilities of physic mean to maintain & recover life quality of who he or she serves professionally.

Admission profile

The concerned students must:

  • Pass the admission exam dictated by the health sciences division.
  • Certify the High-school studies with a specialty in Chemical-Biological area and a 8.0 GPA
  • Turn in a cover letter for the program.
  • Have good health or an admissable disability for the profession.
  • Interest to serve people with a disabilitt or disease and potential movement incorporation as an element to promote, maintain and recover health.
  • Time availability to complete the program.
  • Enrollments in eight semiannual periods (6-month terms). For more information, please visit
Graduate Profile

The competencies of the program were defined based on "TUNNING AMERICA LATINA Y GUIAS DE LA WCPT" (World Physical Therapy Federation) and some are:

  • Selects, modifies and applies approppiate theories, practice models and therapeutical models to cover the needs in prevention, rehabilitation & treatment to promote movement, health and welfare.
  • Takes a pro-active role in the development, improvement and promotion of physical therapy as well as in health public policies locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Works according to the parctice principles focused on the "client-patient" view.
  • Capability to work in international contexts
Work field

Among the probable work fields for a graduate in the program, we can find:

  • Teaching and research in public or private institutions.
  • Own business
  • Professional exercise in professional sports institutions.
  • Professional exercise in public & private health institutions.
Why study this bachelor ?

Because of different locations, laboratory diversity, student mobility with other bachelors and engineerings. Has a vast and diverse teaching staff who are researchers that generate and develop projects in the region and country so in that way produce technologies and clinic investigation.

Study Plan

The teaching system is scholar with class assistance and consultations in eight semesters.

  • First Enrollment
  • Biochemistry
  • Human Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Human Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Physiotheraphy Fundaments and Theoretic Bases
  • Pharmacology
  • Muscle-Skeletal System & Skin
  • College Social Service
  • Second Enrollment
  • Physical Activity Physiology
  • Physics
  • Locomotor Apparatus Biomechanic
  • Statistic & Probability
  • Kinetic Therapy
  • Genetics
  • Clinical Practice I
  • College Social Service
  • Optional I
  • Third Enrollment
  • Sanitary Management and Physiotherapy Legal Framework
  • Applied Psychology to Rehabilitation Patient
  • Physiotherapy Social Aspects
  • Physiotherapy Intervention Methods
  • Rehabilitation Assessment Methods
  • Client/Patient Focused Attention
  • Clinical Practice II
  • College Social Service
  • Human Development
  • Optional II
  • Fourth Enrollment
  • Professional Ethics & Bioethics
  • Imagology
  • Orthopedic & Rheumatology Physiotherapy
  • Nosology and Surgical Procedures
  • Physical Means
  • Intensive Therapy & Nursing Procedures
  • Optional III
  • Clinical Practice III
  • College Social Service
  • Fifth Enrollment
  • Labor Health and Preventive Physiotherapy
  • Public Health in Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy Methods & Techniques
  • Pulmonary Physiotherapy
  • Neurodevelopment Methods
  • Optional IV
  • Clinical Practice IV
  • Research Methodology
  • College Social Service
  • Sixth Enrollment
  • Pediatric Physiotherapy
  • Gerontology and Geriatric Physiotherapy
  • Women Physiotherapy
  • Neurology in Physiotherapy
  • Psychomotricity
  • Thesis Seminar
  • Optional V
  • College Social Service
  • Seventh Enrollment
  • Physiotherapy New Technology Informations
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics
  • Movement Analysis Lab
  • Professional Social Service
  • Eighth Enrollment
  • Professional Social Service
Offered in:

Campus León, Life Sciences Division (DCS)
Location San Carlos
Address: Blvd. Puente Milenio #1001; Fracción del Predio San Carlos; C.P. 37670; León, Gto.
Phone: (477) 267 49 00



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