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Form professionals that apply the general knowledge and elementals in biological, exact, human & social sciences, to the population with skill, value and attitude that back the individual and multidisciplinary decision-making in their career. To recover, preserve and improve health by communicating concepts and elements, promoting physical activity in four main areas: Teaching, sports training, administration & management of physical activity, prescribe and promote the physical activity in the human being.

Admission Profile

A person willing to join this program should have:

  • Theoretical basis in biology, mathematics, social & general culture.
  • Writing, spelling and grammar
  • Society and civility
  • Current situation in the country
  • Teamwork capability
  • Oral and written expression skill
  • Creativity
  • Penchant for physical & sports activity practice
  • Respect for the human body
  • Penchant for health preservation
  • Ethics
Graduate Profile

The professional and generic competencies of the graduate in the program are:

  • Design, develop and assess the educational processes related to physical activity and health in sport, social and educational context.
  • Promotes the habit of physical activity and eating in the general population. Applies the scientific principals.
  • Assess and prescribe physical exercise. Identifies the risk in practice of physical, scholar, sport and daily activities.
  • Develop and evaluate physical activity programs y different work scopes.
Working Area

These are the proposed areas a graduate in this program can take part in:

  • Public and private institutions
  • Sports clubs and gyms
  • Physical activity research labs
Why study this bachelor?
  • The only program with a health profile
  • The has expert professors with graduate degrees
  • Program flexibility
  • The "polideportivo", located in San Carlos, is a space designed for physical and sports activity.

Enrollments in semiannual periods (6-month terms). For more information, please visit

Study Plan

The scholar system develops with class attendance, advice and academic companionship, individual or group tutoring within a timeline, based on the Art. 22 of the University of Guanajuato's academic regulation. Eight semiannual terms compose the educational program.

Optional Subjects

*Regulation & Bioethic *Writing & Reading scientific texts *Environment and harsh conditions *Physical activity psychology *Physical medicine and rehabilitation *Sports nutrition *Body composition assessment *Sports tournaments and escorts practice and organization *Physical education research *Special educational needs *Psychomotor and motor perception through rythm *Leadership *Popular dancing *Camping *Sport judging rules and practice *Muscle strength fundamentals in physical acitivity.


  • First Enrollment
  • Biochemistry
  • Human Anatomy
  • General Psychology
  • Ethics and Education Legislation in Mexico
  • Physical Education Introduction
  • College Social Service
  • Sports Training Introduction
  • Second Enrollment
  • Human Physiology
  • Physical Education Didactic
  • Mathematical Basis for Health and Activity Sciences
  • College Social Service
  • Gymnastic Fundamentals
  • Pre-sports and Sports Initation
  • Social Anthropology
  • Third Enrollment
  • Nutrition Introduction
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Assessment and Planning of Physical Education
  • Game, Free Time and Physical Education
  • College Social Service
  • Basketball Fundamentals
  • Applied Biostatistics
  • Fourth Enrollment
  • Research Methodology
  • College Social Service
  • Volleyball Fundamentals
  • Written and Oral Expression
  • Recreation
  • Optional I
  • Optional II
  • Fifth Enrollment
  • Biophysic Movement Basis
  • Physical Aptitude Assessment
  • Information Handling and Technology
  • College Social Service
  • Athletism Fundamentals
  • Optional III
  • Optional IV
  • Sixth Enrollment
  • Physical Activity and Epidemiology
  • Teaching Practice
  • Child, Teenager and Adult Development Psychology
  • College Social Service
  • Soccer Fundamentals
  • Optional V
  • Optional VI
  • Seventh Enrollment
  • Sports Medicine and First-Aid
  • Swimming Fundamentals
  • Thesis Seminar
  • College Social Service
  • Physical Activity Sports Management and Administration
  • Optional VII
  • Optional VIII
  • Eighth Enrollment
  • Professional Social Service
Offered in:

Campus León, Health Sciences Division (DCS)
Location San Carlos
Blvd. Puente  Milenio 1001; Fracción del Predio San Carlos; C.P. 37670; León, Gto.
Phone: (477) 267 49 00
Campus Webpage:



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