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Curricular aim

This educational program forms as a whole the graduate in Art & Culture, that according with the profile by competencies, researches, analyzes, manages, values, divulges and evaluates the practices and cultural & artistic processes in a historical context to achieve a comprehensive human development, performing their activities with a high sense of responsibility, ethics and spirit of service to the community.

Admission process

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Enrollment profile

The applicant to enter the program of the bachelor’s in Art & Culture, being the educational process the main agent, she or he must be willing to fulfill the next generic competencies in active and responsible manner while constructing their learning:

  • Plan his/her educational and life project autonomously under the principles of freedom, respect, social responsibility and justice to contribute as an agent of change to the development of the environment.
  • Is sensitive to art and participates in the appreciation and interpretation of its expressions in different genders that promote their comprehensive formation.
  • Maintains a respectful attitude towards interculturality and diversity of beliefs, values, ideas and social practices to promote spaces for academic and professional coexistence.
Graduate profile

The qualities that characterize the graduate in Art & Culture are grouped in generic and specific competencies.

  • Social responsibility and justice to contribute as an agent of change to the development of their environment.
  • Communicates orally, in written and digitally in Spanish and a foreign language to widen the academic, social and professional networks, which allows to acquire a regional insertion with international sight.
  • Handles the information technologies responsibly and ethically in the academic and professional processes.
  • Recognizes the skills and strengths of the people she or he collaborates, and generates an ambiance of trust which allows to orient the actions towards the fulfillment of the organization’s goals and projects in which they perform, always with an ethical behavior and moral integrity.
  • Is a innovative and competitive leader in the discipline or field of choice, that continuously learn about oneself, about new concepts, processes and methodologies that allow to contribute solutions and timely strategies, evaluating the impact of their decisions.
Work field

The graduate in Art & Culture is a professional who is capable of inserting into cultural public or private institutions, such as museums, libraries, theatres, houses of culture, institutes and departments of culture, galleries, spaces for school culture diffusion, artistic and artisan organizations, festivals and national fairs, congresses, among others.

Study plan

Structured in 8 semesters.

  • First enrollment
  • Oral and written communication
  • Informatic tools and information management
  • Theories of Art
  • Theories of the Culture
  • Deepening optative I (Workshop)
  • General Area activities
  • Second enrollment
  • Contemporary History of Mexico and Latin America
  • Ethical Contemporary debates and Human Rights
  • Methodologies to study Art
  • Methodologies to study the heritage
  • Deepening optative II (Workshop)
  • General area activities
  • Third enrollment
  • Philosophical-Epistemological Fundaments
  • Analysis of policies and Cultural Institutions
  • Deepening optative III (Workshop)
  • Basic Disciplinary Selective A (Arts or Heritage)
  • General Area activities
  • Fourth enrollment
  • Introduction to the Methodology of Research
  • Cultural Planning and Administration
  • Deepening optative IV (Workshop)
  • Basic Disciplinary Selective B (Arts or Heritage)
  • General Area activities
  • Fifth enrollment
  • Education of Audiences for Art & Culture
  • Deepening optative V (Workshop)
  • Basic Disciplinary Selective C (Arts or Heritage)
  • Deepening optative VII
  • General Area activities
  • Sixth enrollment
  • Cultural projects
  • Deepening optative VI (Workshop)
  • Basic Disciplinary Selective D (Arts or Heritage)
  • Deepening optative VIII
  • General Area activities
  • Seventh enrollment
  • Degree seminar I
  • Deepening optative IX
  • Deepening optative X
  • General Area activities
  • Eighth enrollment
  • Degree seminar II
  • Deepening optative XI
  • Deepening optative XII
  • General Area activities
Offered in:

Campus León, Division of Social Sciences and Humanities (DCSH)
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Forum Cultural Guanajuato; Prolongación Calzada de los Héroes & Vasco de Quiroga, La Martinica, León, Gto.
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