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Form professionals with a degree in Digital Arts; that become critic-analytics in their cultural context and experts in creation, development, management and diffusion of artistic projects with a trans-disciplinary focus in digital supports, allowing them to construct speeches from the narrative and litrary technical areas from the audio-visual speech.

Enrollment profile

The applicants who desire to enter the Bachelor degree in Digital Arts, must posses the following:

  • Algebra
  • Drawing
  • Text comprehension and writing
  • Artistic appreciation
  • Philosophy
  • To develop graphic representations
  • To design
  • Of abstraction
  • In the use of new technologies
  • Creativity
  • Of verbal and written communication
  • Of analysis and text comprehension
  • To read and comprehend Enlish language
Attitudes and values: 
  • Interest for the study and appreciation of the artistic propitiating their self-information and creativity
  • Promotes respect to self, others and the environment
  • Reflect their responsibilty, fighting spirit, constancy and discipline.
  • Manifest their commitment to service in the trasnformation of the environment.
  • Reflect their commitment to extend the benefits of culture to all sectors in the community.
    Manifest their civic, nactional and social conscience.
Graduate profile

 For the student to accredit the academic program of the major in Digital Arts, he or she must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have completed the amount of 268 credits
  • Complete the College Social Service
  • Requirement of English language

The foreign language is highly recommended to adopt as a second language, since the nature of our degree, it is English. The minimum level required is the equivalent to 500 TOEFL points through an institutional English exam. This score will be applied to the students who enroll in January 2015. This mechanism has the objective to, evaluate the domain of English in the students, considering that it is a requirement for the degree, and then intention to avoid that the student doesn’t complete the studies because the language, unnecessarily extend the degree period, while he or she can prove during the degree the required English level.


Its modalñity is a credit system


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Study Plan

The study plan for the Digital Arts program contemplates its fulfillment by acrediting 268 credits (1 credit for every 25 hours of work) distributed in five subjects from the general area, thirteen from the common basic area, eighteen from the disciplinary basic area, nine from the deepening area and 2 from the complementary area, besides complementary activities and practicum. English language is also acreditable.

The secuence to course the learning units, was determined based on the competencies expected to develop, as well as in the logical order of the contents that compose each one of the learning units, this criteria were organizers to establish the unit network of learning and the suggested sequence in different school periods. 

  • First Enrollment
  • College life integration
  • Human development and communication
  • Social responsibility
  • Research and publishing of academic texts
  • Art and visuality of the c XIX prehistory
  • Linear algebra
  • Creative thoughts and material
  • Theory of color
  • Second Enrollment
  • Theory of art and aesthetics
  • Musical appreciation
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Design fundamentals and vector objects
  • Psychology of perception
  • Business management optional
  • Third Enrollment
  • Entrepreneur spirit
  • Progamming in engineering
  • Photografy, illustrations and design
  • XX century's art and latest trends
  • Digital Audio foundation
  • Audiovisual language
  • Fourth Enrollment
  • Cultural and intercultural formation
  • Digital audio editing
  • Object oriented programming
  • Methodology and visuality in design
  • Semiotics and visuality
  • Video editing and fundaments
  • Fifth Enrollment
  • Art seminar optional 1 (subject held in English)
  • Computing geometry
  • 3D modeling
  • Design in publications for digital platforms
  • Multimedia
  • Sixth Enrollment
  • Art seminar optional 2 (subject held in English)
  • Interactive programming
  • Visual studies
  • Animation and multimedia optional 1 (subject held in English)
  • Animation and multimedia optional 2 (subject held in English)
  • Seventh Enrollment
  • Art seminar optional 3 (subject held in English)
  • Interactive multimedia design
  • Animation and multimedia optional 3 (subject held in English)
  • Animation and multimedia optional 4 (subject held in English)
  • Eighth Enrollment
  • Art workshop Optional 1 (subject held in English)
  • interactive multimedia design II
  • Animation and multimedia optional 5 (subject held in English)
  • Formulatiopn, delimitation and elaboration of the thesis protocole
  • Ninth Enrollment
  • Art workshop optional 2 (subject held in English)
  • Animation and multimedia optional 6 (subject held in English)
  • Thesis project
  • Immersion into the Job market
Offered in:

Campus Irapuato-Salamanca, Engineering Division (DI)
Carretera Salamanca-Valle de Santiago Km. 3.5 + 1.8; Comunidad de Palo Blanco; Salamanca, Gto.
Phone: (464) 647 99 40
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