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Comprehensively form professionals in Interior Design who are capable of communicating, representing, negotiating and managing projects according the actual needs, supported by theory and backed by technology. They will be capable of creatively design interior spaces that address specific needs of habitability, sustainability and aesthethic to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic impact and collaborate in improving the quality of life in the human being.

Graduate profile

The graduate will be capable of designing interior tking into account the diverse contexts each problem represents, this means, he or she will have the capacity to methodologically research and later create the design. In this way, Interior Design problems will be solved in residences, comerce, administrative and serivce buildings and even landscaping.

Study Plan
  • First Enrollment
  • Descriptive geometry
  • Oral and written communication
  • Theory of Interior Design
  • Sketches
  • Representation of space
  • Design materials
  • Social anthropology and identity
  • Basic English
  • Intregrator workshop of Formal Composition
  • Second Enrollment
  • Introductory social practice
  • Digital handling of the graphic language
  • Popular Mexican art
  • Perspective
  • Representation techniques
  • Design materials and coatings
  • Administration
  • Introductory English
  • Integrator workshop of Formal composition and Design problematization
  • Third Enrollment
  • Ergonomics
  • Trends in design and interior spaces through history
  • Element's constructive
  • Metirc-Digital representation
  • Human rotations in the organization
  • Mid English
  • Conceptualizing workshop of autonomous spaces
  • Optional
  • Fourth Enrollment
  • Design vanguards
  • Introduction to lightning design
  • Mexican contemporary art
  • Construction and installations
  • Digital 3D representation
  • Marketing
  • Advanced English
  • Conceptualizaing workshop of connected spaces
  • Basic professional practice
  • Optional
  • Fifth Enrollment
  • Workshop of skills of interaction and leadership
  • Prehispanic and Colonial art
  • Construction and spatial installations
  • Digital model
  • Pre-specialized english
  • Conceptualizing workshop of Integral spaces
  • Optional
  • Sixth Enrollment
  • Lightning desing
  • Gardening
  • Virtual tours
  • Worksite administration
  • English
  • Conceptualizing workshop of Specialized spaces
  • Advanced professional practice
  • Optional
  • Seventh Enrollment
  • Methodology, analysis and principles of space conservation
  • Deisgn of gardens
  • History of Ancient culture
  • Administration and work supervision
  • Specialized English
  • Conceptualizing workshop of symbolic spaces
  • Optional
  • Eighth Enrollment
  • Thesis seminar
  • Business management workshop
  • History of Modern Culture
  • Disciplinary English
  • Conceptualizing workshop of complex spaces
  • Professionalizing practice
  • Optional
Offered in:

Campus Guanajuato, Division of Architecture, Art & Design (DAAD)
Venue Los Santos
Calle Alfredo Pérez Bolde; Fraccionamiento ASTAUG; C.P. 36250; Guanajuato, Gto.
Phone: +52 (473) 734 04 53 y 734 09 09
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Guanajuato, Gto., México

Tel: +52 (473)  732 00 06

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