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Regional Development is a fixed process of sustained social change with the purpose of the permanent progress of the region, territory, locality, community and each who resides. Also being closely bound to an economic growth process, it requires the following conditions:

  • A graduate in Regional development is an excellent professional, and highly capable of attending and supporting people through including, participative and comprehensive processes. That are sustainable and congruent with each region features, promoting the community's integral improvement.
  • With a view of the regional and territorial development dimensions, will take part in the planning of development projects, likewise in organizing people as subjects of the regional development.

Form human resource capable of attending and supporting development through integral, including, endogenous and sustainable processes to promote the community's integral improvement.

Work Field
  • Autonomous projects development for the government and private initiatives
  • International institutions and nongovernment bodies.
  • Sustainable production planning, programming and control.
  • Total quality systems management including certifying processes.
  • Project management, assessment and coordination.
  • Environmental, hygiene & security labor system management.
  • Alternative business such as ecotourism and biotechnological development
  • Projects linked with environment and development advice.
  • Territorial productive activities planning and ordinance.

Enrollments in semiannual periods (6-month terms). For more information, please visit

Study Plan

The study plan (1999) includes 50 subjects, including English as a creditable subject, with a total of 329 credits. Its modality is a credit system, and the school periods are semiannual.

* C.C. = Common Core

  • First Enrollment
  • Social Sciences Introduction
  • Statistics I
  • Documentary Research Techniques
  • Computing
  • Reading & Writing Workshop
  • Arguing and Logic
  • Second Enrollment
  • Anthropology and Sociology Fundamentals
  • Immersion Practice
  • Social Communication
  • Statistics II
  • General Economy
  • Social Sciences Research Methodologies
  • Third Enrollment
  • Social Psychology
  • Regional Theories
  • Social Sciences Research Techniques
  • Contemporary Economy Theory and Problems
  • Mexican Economic History
  • Fourth Enrollment
  • Development Theories
  • Diagnostic Practice
  • Participative Development Methods
  • Development Legislation
  • Regionalizaction Policies
  • Microeconomy
  • Fifth Enrollment
  • Local & Regional Development
  • Participative Development Techniques Workshop
  • Public Management Workshop
  • Subject Organization
  • General Management
  • Environment I
  • Sixth Enrollment
  • Social Movements History in Mexico
  • Management Practice
  • Juncture Analysis Workshop
  • Organizational Figures
  • Development Planning Workshop
  • Environment II
  • Seventh Enrollment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Project Systematization and Self Assessment Workshop
  • Regional Development Policies in Mexico
  • Development Projects Formulation and Assessment I
  • Organizational Development
  • Funding Sources
  • Market Research and Management
  • Eighth Enrollment
  • Intervention Practice
  • Ninth Enrollment
  • Social Tranformation in Mexico
  • Development Projects Formulation and Assessment II
  • Development Projects Management Seminar
  • Financial Analysis and Costs
  • Optional Subject I
  • Optional Subject II
Offered in:

Campus Celaya-Salvatierra, Administrative and Social Sciences Division (DCSA)
Location Celaya
Ing. Javier Barros Sierra #201; Esquina Avenida Baja California; Ejido de Santa María del Refugio Eje Juan Pablo II; Celaya, Gto.
Phone: (461) 598 59 22
Location Salvatierra
Privada de Arteaga S/N; Colonia Centro; C.P. 38900; Salvatierra, Gto.
Phone: (466) 663 05 93
Campus Webpage:
Division Webpage:

Campus León, Human and Social Sciences Division (DCSH)
Location San Carlos
Blvd. Puente Milenio #1001; Fracción del Predio San Carlos; C.P. 37670; León, Gto.
Phone: (477) 267 49 00
Campus Webpage:



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